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20 Year Old Politician becomes the Youngest Global Youth Ambassador

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

The 20 year old Nigerian and Politician, "Marvellous Eyube", popularly identified as "ALCHEMY" across various educational institutions of Nigeria was recently appointed the Global Youth Ambassador by the Global Youth Parliament making him the "YOUNGEST GLOBAL AMBASSADOR." Sequentially, he was appointed as a Global Education Ambassador by the Education Sustainability and Vocational Development Initiative, an NGO setup by the UNESCO to facilitate Global Digital Literacy.

According to him “This appointment comes with a sense of responsibility!” To foster this award came all the necessary documents including a mission ID card, a Certificate and an appointment letter for ease to facilitate his identification and transportation across the nations and member states of the council, GYP.

The vibrant leader has set his standards high, and will not stop fighting until a proper balance has been reached. According to him, “everything is possible, if it can first be CONCEIVED, it can be ACHIEVED.”

According to pacesetter, "I’m not where I want to be yet, I want to be a GREAT policy maker in Nigeria, Africa and the world as a global community."

He said this award would help him reach out to more youths in Nigeria and the Globe. He thanked the President of the Global Youth Parliament, H.E Aryal Dakwar; also the delegates of the UNESCO, chairman of the Education Sustainability and Vocational Institute, H.E (AMB) Vivian Ubani as he pledged his allegiance to the youths of the world.

©Marvellous Eyube Publicity Team

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